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Lawn Going Brown

Lawns going brown, can be due to natural causes, however, excluding seasonal reasons, a lawn going suddenly brown can be caused by other factors.

What are the reasons for my lawn going brown?

Lawns go brown in the med for different reasons. But here are a few reasons for you to look at.

1) By and large Warm season lawns go brown in the winter months due to the lower temperatures and the lack of watering. This situation is further agrivated, by homeowners and ubanisations reducing the watering of the lawn to almost zero.
So because summer grasses go into dormancy in the winter, it is possible to extend the growing period by continuing to watering your lawn in the winter.

But generally the lawns are not dead, just dormant. This condition generally persists until spring when the temperatures rise.

Note: If you live in a reasonably sheltered area, you can avoid, or reduce this dormancy by ensuring the lawn is continued to be watered as normal.

2) Cool season grasses (English grasses) tend to go brown in the summer, due to either the high temperatures or lack of water.

Note: Watering an English type lawn in the summer is often a case of keeping it cool rather than giving it water.

Other Reasons:

 1) Type of grass.

There are certain types of grass that just will not grow outside their comfort zone.

2) A grass infection.

Fungus or other problems

3) A Bug infestation.

This can occur at different times of the year, depending on the bug. This is a problem where bugs eat the roots of the grass and it quickly dies.


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