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One of our prime objectives at Lawns in Spain is helping the customer get the most out of our real grass and grass products.
In order to achieve this we provide FREE help with every order*.

For people looking for help and advice before placing an order see our website.

Question Topics:


Finding what you're looking for on this site


Site Activation (becoming a member) does not work


When can I expect my order to be delivered.


How is my order delivered?


Choosing the right grass


Planting the plugs


How many plugs will I need


How much will it cost


Can you translate your web page of documentation for my gardener.




How long will your quote/advice be O/K>


How do I know what type of grass I have?


What are Hybrids?


How do I dilute my Concentrate?


Can I get a refund for my site visit if I order products from you.


I want to go ahead and place an order - What do I do?


What is "Special Collection"?


I need a solution that will produce an easy to maintain lawn 


What is nursery grass?


I planted plugs but they are not growing.


What are "Bonus Points" and how do they work?


Do you do or send samples or can I buy a small quantity to try and see if it works. 


I watered my grass seed but it hasn't grown


What is the Latin name of your grasses.


What you shipped me looks like fertiliser not seed.


My grass seed has germinated, I am still watering it but it has stopped growing


Can you send someone round to measure up for my artificial grass/have a look at my lawn.

1)Finding what you're looking for.

1) Using the Search box

Google word search lawnsinspain website for...

If you are not familiar with the Lawns in Spain website then use this search to find a word or phrase on the entire site. 

For example if you are interested in Turf , then key in the word Turf in the search box and the results will show you all the pages that relate to information on  turf.

2) Alphabetical List by Lawn Topic on Home Page.

Browse through the list of lawn topics on the "Lawn Topics Menu" on the home page.

3) Top Level Menu on every page

Use this to go straight to the page that you are interested in.

4) Use the "Tips...", "more info...", "read more..." or  hyperlinks to show you more information on your desired subject.

Just fill out your email and you will be immediately sent your activation link (to your email inbox) to gain access to, and read everything on the website.

2)Site Activation Does not Work.

We have noticed problems using some browsers.

Go to "Aerating a Lawn" and use that page to "become a member"

Then browse to the page you need information on.


3)When can I expect my order

We prepare each order individually. For products (fertiliser, seeds etc) please allow 7 - 21 working days from date of receipt of payment. For living plant orders please allow 4 - 6 weeks from date of receipt of payment*. This is ensures the quality of the product, as it allows time for the plants to be moved from their growing boxes, get established and hardened off in their final shipping trays. This is important for 3 reasons:

1) The plants survive the stress of the transportation process.
2) It is easier when planting, to handle plants that are established in root balls.
3) Root damage (and therefore growth checking) is kept to a minimum as the root ball is undisturbed.

So weather you order 200 or 2000 plants you are sure they will arrive in tip top condition.

* Like all plants, rate of growth depends on time of year, weather conditions, soil and many other factors.

Orders that are requested to be delivered on a shorter delivery are entirely at the customers risk.

4)How is my order Delivered

When an order is ready to go, it is shipped to your door by courier on a 2 - 3 day delivery (for live grass next day delivery) not including bank holidays, weekends, or local fiestas between source and destination. We email you to notify you your order has been dispatched. Should you not receive your order then you must email us immediately (within 24 hours). The courier does not deliver orders to PO (Mail) Boxes. For more information please see our Standard Terms and Conditions on the site.


5)Choosing the right grass

See our Grass Gallery page. Each type of grass is described with a list of of its preferences. To provide additional help, you can go to our "Help Choosing the Right Grass" page, also use the "Easy Lawn Grass Picker" or the "Grass Selection Table".

6)Planting the plugs

See our planting grass plugs page for photos and examples

7)How many plugs will I need?

We have the cheapest, most cost effective and most reliable solution for your lawn.

The number of plants will depend on how fast you want your final lawn. For example if the grass type is fast growing and you are not in a particular rush for your law, you can plant at 10 plants per M2 (total cost approx 5 euros /M2). Or if if the grass type is slow growing or you want faster results, then plant closer, say at 20 plants per M2 (total cost 10 euros /M2). 

The best time is to plant in spring with 9 plants per M2 (and that will cost you as little as 4.5 euros per M2), and you should get a lawn in one season, or you can choose to plant closer and you will get a complete lawn in 8- 12 weeks.

So if you're planting grass plugs, the choice is yours to suit your budget.

8)What will it cost

Please see the Products and Prices page, On-Line order form for prices.

9)Can you translate your web pages or documentation for my gardener.

For a number of reasons (gardeners from many different countries) we don't provide this service. See our Services page for what we do.


On an established lawn, all our draught resistant grasses will survive and grow on watering less than once per week - even in the summer.*

To establish plugs, you should think of watering every day until established.

For seed, several times a day to keep the seed wet should be aimed for.

11)How long will your quote/advice be O/K

Quotes are valid for 14 days.

Advice given (other than on the website) will only be good for a short period. 

The weather changes and as a result the advice given at the time of enquiry may not be the best or an appropriate course of action later in the year.

12)How do I know what type of grass I have?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below - you have warm season grass.

o Does your grass appear to throw out runners and grow sideways.

o Does your grass slow down or stop growing in the winter.

o Does your grass go brown/white or change colour in the winter.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you have cool season grass.

o Does your grass grow mostly in the winter.

o Does your grass tend to go brown in the summer.

o Does your grass need lots of water in the summer to keep it alive.

13)What are Hybrids?

Hybrids are different types of the same grass. For example a Ford Fiesta could be the type and the hybrid could be one with a diesel engine. Basically looks the same but has a different engine and fuel consumption.

The same with grasses, the two may look the same but the hybrid may grow better in drought, grow better in the shade, requires less water, tolerates cold weather better, is a bit greener, grows taller etc.

14)How do I dilute my Herbicides or Concentrates?

There are 1000cc's in 1Liter of water.

e.g. If you have 15 Liters of water in your spray machine, you need to add 150 cc of concentrate for a 1% solution.
Add 300 cc of concentrate to 15 Liters of water, for a 2 % solution etc

15)Can I get a refund for my Site Visit if I order products from you.

No, because you have asked for advice from a specialist which is chargeable. We are not quoting to repair a car or installing a fitted kitchen and we are not gardeners. Once you have the advice from our specialist you can follow the advice or not, and you can order products from us or buy them elsewhere. The two are not connected.

16)I want to go ahead and order - What do I do?

1) We will either have visited you or you have asked us for a solution (maybe by sending photos or a phone call)

2) We will send you our recommendations for Lawns in Spain products or services (with prices) that will provide you with a solution to your problem..

3) If you agree with our suggestions then confirm by filling out our On-Line order form selecting the products you wish to order, then we send you a payment ticket to pay for the goods. This ticket is valid for only 7 days. After that, the ticket and order is cancelled and we will assume that you no longer require the product  or service.

4) Once payment is received then we prepare your order and produce an estimated schedule for the service or delivery timescale for the order.

5) When products are shipped they are on a 2 - 3 day delivery (except grass plants which are next day delivery). The day, or day before the products are shipped. We inform you by email.

(Online Ordering Products - Pay nothing!)

a) Select the "Products and Prices" page, tick the item and quantity you want to order.

b) When you have finished, click the view cart button.

c) If you are happy with the list, click the checkout button.

d) Fill out all the details requested on the form, tick the "I have read the terms and conditions box", then click "send order" button.  

e) You will receive our online confirmation within 24 hours, and a payment ticket  for payment.

f) Go to (4) above.

Note: Due to cost constraints we only raise invoices for account customers.

17)What is Special Collection

Under certain circumstances we can arrange collection by the customer from an agreed collection point (e.g. Petrol Garage, MacDonnals etc) If a special collection is specified on the order form, there may be a small admin charge, and the collection will need to be scheduled to fit in with our drivers movements. Whatever the arrangements we will inform the customer.

18)I need a quick solution that will produce an easy to maintain lawn

The reality is that the more you initially spend on your lawn the faster it is to establish. The maintenance costs will depend on what type of grass you select. See our easy lawn grass picker.

Lets see some examples in terms of cost:-

Seed. The start up cost of seed is basically 1 euro per M2, but the work involved in getting the lawn established is very high, and with watering, ants and birds, dedication, failure is a definite possibility.

Plugs - around 5 euros per M2. Not initially the cheapest, not initially the easiest, but our clients track record has proven that this is by far the most successful and the most cost effective solution - Plant them, water them, feed them, and you will have a lawn.

Turf is the next option. The fastest solution for a Lawn. The startup cost of turf is relatively high - around 15 - 20 euros per M2 - Cost of preparation and laying is high, and the work involved in establishing and keeping this instant lawn healthy in the early months is significant.

Artificial/Synthetic Grass is of course another possible solution, but I have not spoken to anybody who has managed to get the start up costs down to below 50 euros per M2. After the installation, the maintenance is not always as simple as what is advertised.


19)What is Nursery Grass

Nursery grass is a temporary solution for a green lawn. It is cool season grass that is sown in the summer, with the intention that its only purpose is to protect the warm season grass until it gets established. 

It is sown for the following reasons:-

1) To fill the space between the plugs with something green.

2) To avoid areas of bare soil that will ultimately attract weeds.

3) To protect the Warm Season grass plugs while they are getting established.

4) To reduce the water loss from the bare soil.

20)I Planted grass plugs but they are not growing.

I planted grass plugs about 2 or 3 weeks ago and they are still alive, but do not seem to be growing.

If its winter (i.e temperatures below 15 - 18 degrees) then Mediterranean grass will go dormant.

If the soil has not been prepared or is the wrong composition or pH then the grass will struggle.

If you do not water them every day for the first few weeks then they will struggle.

If you have not fertilised your new plugs then they will be slow to get established.

21)What are Bonus Points and how do they work.

Growing and maintaining a lawn is an on going process. So we have introduced Bonus Points to give our regular customers the benefits of discounts on their orders. Basically the more you order the more points you get and the more regularly you order the higher the discount.
So don't wait - to get the highest discount, order sooner rather than later.

Also if you use the order form to place your order then we will give you another 50 bonus points FREE.

These discounts apply to Lawns in Spain products and also apply retrospectively to existing customers, so if you have already ordered products from us in the past then expect a discount next time you order.

For new customers discounts are only applicable after the first order.

22)Do you do or send samples or can I buy a small quantity to try and see if it works.

We don't give out samples or sell small quantities to "see if it works". We have a minimum order value of 100 euros.

If you are contemplating Artificial grass, we suggest you make a visit to a local DIY or Garden shop and to help make a decision, look at the height of grass you are contemplating. Or book a visit (chargeable) and we will send someone to discuss your requirements.

We also don't get involved in "experiments" with real grass, as invariably they are conducted under inadequate conditions, without the proper control conditions and generally by inexperienced individuals.

Grass has been designed to grow, by Mother Nature. Like any plant, you plant it in the right soil, water it and feed it - it grows, you don't - it dies.

It's grass, and we assure you, follow the guidelines and it will grow.  If it doesn't, don't blame the grass.

23)I watered my grass seed but it hasn't grown.

Ultimately the grass is the Judge and the Jury, and the verdict is in the results.

Plant (grass) seeds are designed by mother nature to grow when they are watered, unless you believe that you have the type that dies when you water it.

So if the seeds don't grow, your perception of "watering", is not the watering that the seeds require.

There may also be other reasons, so see also article by Jonathan Green.. "My Grass Seed did not grow"

24)What is the Latin name of your grasses.

We have found that providing the Latin name of our grass types does not improve the final lawn result, to our customers.

Instead we provide a description of what the characteristics of the grasses are. Which in all cases is what the customer actually requires.

The success of a lawn, depends on proper lawn care and knowing the Latin name of the grass is very low on the list.  

25)What you shipped me looks like fertiliser not seed.

From time to time we ship coated seed.

No it doesn't matter what colour the coating is.

The germination is improved with coated seed ( 95% survival as opposed to 45% with non coated), but there are other advantages.

26)My grass seed has germinated, I am still watering it but it has stopped growing.

This a classic symptom of poor soil containing little nutrients. Depending on what time of year and what type of grass you have, you need to apply Lawns in Spain fertiliser.

27)Can you send someone round to measure up for my artificial grass/have a look at my lawn

Yes certainly. This service is chargeable and the cost will be dependent on the geographic location and the size of the lawn. Please inquire for cost.





See our Website for more information and our Planting and Aftercare Guide.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

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