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Payment Methods

Please ensure you have placed your order (click here) and received a payment ticket before requesting any payment methods.
(your payment ticket may take up to 24 hours)
Should you have any problems with any particular payment method then please choose another method.

How to make Payment. Tips: We have different methods of payment.
Online, Debit Card Link, 3 Bank accounts via IBAN, and Cash.

1) Debit Card link.
We send you a text sms to your mobile phone. You follow the instructions, and pay by your Debit Card.
We currently use Bunq (Bank in Holland) but you do not need a Bunq account on your phone.

2) Using your online banking (phone or laptop)
Make an IBAN trasfer to one of the three Bank Accounts. If one does not accept the payment (it happens) choose another.
Use the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC details on the screen.

3) Cash
If you have problems with any of the above methods, then you can pay cash into our Spanish Bank.

Post Brexit Problems:
Some Debit Cards issued in UK (Or countries outside EU) don't go through.
Some IBAN Transfers drawn on UK Banks do not go through.
If you are a Brit, use a Spanish (or EU) Bank account (or Card) and choose a Spanish (or EU) IBAN Bank.

By IBAN Bank or Wire Transfer
The Bank account details are OUR Accounts.


Use any of your DEBIT cards to make a payment.

Pay into destination IBAN account from your phone, your internet banking system, tablet, PC or your Bank.

Payment via your bank may incur charges. 


IBAN: LT23 3250 0659 2115 2998 (please give your name or product as reference so we can identify you)


(remember the Beneficiary is our Payment Agent - see below. NOT LawnsinSpain) 

Address: 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD, United Kingdom

  IBAN: NL08 BUNQ 2042 0500 32


Address: Bunq B.V. Naritaweg 131-133 1043 BS Amsterdam NL.

(remember the Beneficiary is our Payment Agent NOT LawnsinSpain) 


By Debit Card Payment Link
(Pay by any of your DEBIT cards)

On your request our Payment Agent will send you an SMS Text message to your mobile phone with a secure payment link to a web page. This link is sent from our Bunq account in Holland (you do not need to install the Bunq app), use this link in your browser, click on the link, fill in the details requested, and pay by your Debit Card from your mobile phone, PC or laptop. Your order is on hold until we receive payment.
So if you want to pay by Debit Card, go to "Request Payment Link" at bottom of this page
(link valid for 5 hours)

Note: Payment links are only sent if we have received an order from you.

Revolut to Revolut
To We will send you our Payment Agents Revolut details. 


Please ensure you have placed your order (click here) and received a payment ticket before making any payment.
Request Payment Link to pay via your debit card now

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natural, organic, green