The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Lawns in Spain Lawn Club

There are many Gardeners in Spain that are trying or have tried to grow a lawn. 

The Lawns in Spain Lawn Club membership is open for anyone in Portugal and the Med and only costs 30 euros a year.

Lawn Club Membership Includes:

1) Up to 5 lawn questions per month. Advice given by our Head Grower and Lawn Expert.

2) FREE monthly newsletter.

3) FREE advertising. Sell your 2nd hand garden furniture/equipment, with photos. For Sale or Wanted.

4) Businesses: Advertise your Topsoil, Lawn Equipment or Garden Furniture with photo for FREE.

Join Now (only 30 euros per year)

Electric Lawn mower STERWINS Elm2-36P-3W.4 1400W 36 cm cutting width. Tel: 676863778

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natural, organic, green